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Your #1 Choice – whether you are planning to buy a new roof or thinking of getting your existing one repaired

Do you need a new roof?

Trinity Design and Development can help you out!

A roof protects your most valuable financial investment – your home. So it should be made of the highest quality materials. Getting a new roof installed also improves your home’s exterior while reflecting your personality and increasing the value of your home.

If you have leaks or damages that are beyond repair, be sure to select a dependable and reputable company for your roof installation. Call us now.

Why are you considering a new roof to be installed?

  • Leaks – Ignoring leaks can damage the interior, cause the roof to rot or pave way for mold growth.
  • Storm damage – New roofs can generally withstand intense storms, but for an old roof, it may become too much to bear, in which case, you should think about getting it repaired or replaced.
  • A higher home value – Replacing a roof adds curb appeal, and boosts your home value. If you want to sell your home, then your roof would help the potential buyers develop a first impression.

How can you identify a problem with your roof?

  • Cracked, damaged or missing shingles
  • Water spots on the walls or the ceilings
  • Damaged or missing boot covers or flashing
  • Dark streaks caused by algae
  • Moss growth
  • 20 years old roof

Which types of shingles can you choose from?

  • Asphalt – One of the most affordable products, and can last for up to 20 to 50 years; however, if temperatures tend to fluctuate often, the shingles are prone to cracks. Available color options: bark wood, charcoal and slate
  • Architectural – Similar to three tab shingles but without the cutouts

Not sure you are in need of a new roof? Trinity Design and Development also handles roof repairs!

Why opt for Trinity Design and Development?

  • Professional installation and services
  • Focused on quality
  • We have over 40 years experience serving North Jersey including Bergen County, Essex County, Hunterdon County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County and Warren County.

With A Huge Array of Styles, Textures and Colors Be Sure You Go To The Pros To Make The Right Selection!


Your home’s siding adds to its curb appeal and boosts the value your home needs. That is why getting new siding installed on your home pays huge dividends!

Siding is available in so many tones, styles and types that it can be difficult to make a selection. But don’t worry; Trinity Design and Development is here for you.

We’ll walk you through all available options and help you select the perfect one! Let’s get started now.

Which style do you want?

Traditional Siding

Conventional, attractive designs. Affordable prices. Warranted protection.

  • Made from vinyl
  • Available in several shades

Insulated Siding

Having an appearance similar to real wood, insulated siding, as the name implies, features the topnotch insulation technology.

  • Lowers thermal conductivity
  • Reduces noise
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Resistant to color fading

Royal Woodland

Offers a high resistance against strong winds; available in 31 shades, all of which are UV protected

  • Superior strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Protection against hurricanes and hails

Shake and Shingles

For a beautiful, stunning appearance.  Plus, it’s functional.

  • Low maintenance
  • Available in 6 subtypes: 8” cedar, double 7” cedar, staggered edge, hand split shake, half round, and T45 perfection shingles


What architectural options do you have?

  • Clapboard siding – Also referred to as bevel or lap siding; features overlapping planks that offer protection against rain and snow
  • Dutchlap – Reflects a vintage wooden look
  • Vertical – Board and batten variation for a unique, appealing look
  • Beaded – Pronounces shadow lines through a rounded bottom bead

What Are Your Next Steps?

Contact our skilled team at Trinity Design and Development with what you are looking to accomplish. We will provide you with more ideas, options and affordable quotes that will help make your vision a reality.

Windows and Doors

Make your pick from a huge range of materials and styles

If you want to improve the appearance, comfort and value of your home, new windows and doors are a great place to start. Selecting new windows and doors for your home can be a difficult decision but having Trinity Design and Development by your side will guarantee an easy process with quality products. Energy efficiency, low maintenance and durability are some things to keep in mind when selecting the right windows and doors for your home.

Reach out to Trinity Design and Development and we’ll give you ideas and suggestions to meet your needs.


Composite Wood

Composite Wood windows and doors are a blend between wooden and vinyl versions; the appearance is similar to wooden frames, but strength properties are like those of metals. The material is thermally superior and energy efficient. Plus, these products are easy to clean and require low maintenance.


Wood frames are popular because of their warmth and beauty. Though a bit vulnerable to weather, these frames are authentic and hence, the most preferred choice of people.


A vinyl frame is energy efficient because it can trap air. It works as a good insulator, is resistant to UV and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Window Styles

  • Double hung – slides vertically upwards and downwards; opens wide from the top or bottom, but isn’t protruded outward
  • Casement – opens leftward or rightward; operated through a crank
  • Awning – features top hinges, and opens outwards
  • Picture – large frames that let in the greatest amount of light while showing the outside view

Door Styles

  • Dutch – features horizontal splits, allowing both halves to be operated separately
  • Contemporary – a smooth surface without any panels and painted in a bright, catchy colors
  • Craftsmen – a single piece, featuring square edges and sharp lines; grain is usually vertical
  • Decorative – feature ornamental grills and glass panels for a more sophisticated, appealing look
  • Rustic – a distinct, handcrafted look, reminiscent of the Tuscan and European architecture

Why should you choose us?

  • Professional installation and services
  • Focused on quality
  • 40 years of experience

Find more styles, designs, materials and colors for your windows and doors. Call us now

Our “apples to apples” price comparison guarantees that we will not be undersold.

We Only Use The Highest Quality Products

Setting the highest of standards for our team starts with using the highest quality products.  We own and operate our own lumber yard which allows us to keep costs low for our customers. Below are some of our lines of products we install for our clients.

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